The First Ever!


We realise that this is an enormous project and we believe that with the assistance of sponsors and the local authorities, municipality and media, we can make sure that this will be the first of an annual Tropical Tiki Festival in the Western Cape that people from all over South Africa can look forward to and plan their Easter Holidays around.

We have done market research on this project and have spoken to a vast number of the public and we are positive that this project will be a success. Since some of the other festivals have become a criminal hot-spot, or is far to drive and our local families need to spend extra money on travel and accommodation, so families need a safe environment in which to entertain and amaze themselves during the holiday period which is close to home and easily accessible, especially the Charity drive as the people of the Western Cape are known for their generosity and people like the idea of sharing and being able to give back some of the blessings which they have received during the year. The village will only be operational from around 11h00 but will be most beautiful from around 18h00 to take full advantage of the beauty of the thousands of lights.
We would like to have the village open for 4 days during the Easter holidays.

One of a Kind


As the village will be one of a kind in our country, the village will also open the possibility of the movie industry actually using it as a set to film from, which will be an additional financial injection for the Western Cape and its people and carry the picture of the magical Cape to other countries as well.


Our Sponsors


We are sourcing toys

for children, toiletries

for both children

and adults, school stationery

for children, sweets

and other treats

for children and adults


Competitions will

be held before

and after the event
Age groups

and entry dates

will be announced

closer to the competition entry.


Village overview


Celebrities will be

asked to visit the

village and hand out

gifts to the less privileged

as well as mingle with

the visitors and

share the Tropical Tiki joy





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