Visual Goal


We would like the village to look authentic, inspired by all things traditional but with a slightly funky, exaggerated feel, rather than a ‘dead-set’


Visual Stimulation


We would like the village to be alive and would like to see as much activity as possible.
A festival, where visitors can be tantalized from place to place as they wonder through, literally discovering something new around every corner.
AII store owners must be committed to do the same by dressing up and making their stores look special. We will be very strict as to what can be sold in the stores.
No mass produced product from China.


Our Sponsors


We are sourcing toys

for children, toiletries

for both children

and adults, school stationery

for children, sweets

and other treats

for children and adults


Competitions will

be held before

and after the event
Age groups

and entry dates

will be announced

closer to the competition entry.


Village overview


Celebrities will be

asked to visit the

village and hand out

gifts to the less privileged

as well as mingle with

the visitors and

share the Tropical Tiki joy




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